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Image of Confusion - SKATE RODENT hoodie [black]

Confusion - SKATE RODENT hoodie [black]

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Confusion Magazine's "SKATE RODENT FOR LIFE" hoodie [BLACK]

1 color [orange] ink printed on both sides of a BLACK top quality, thick, black, organic, climate neutral, vegan hoody.

Artwork by Stuart Kolakovic / Zombie Stu @hermaninclusus

More info here:

"Going fast and falling down, at all costs, when everyone around you is striving to slow down and stay upright.

Getting grazed and dirty in the pursuit of happiness. Proudly sporting the “I’D RATHER BE SKATING” tie in the board meeting.

Going on ‘that’ skate trip worth losing your job for. Cutting stickers in the factory for a square meal.

Promoting the “HIGH SPEED MONGO” push. A tent with holes is better than no tent at all, 7 bearings is better than 6!

Flat spots, ground to the axel, threaded nuts, missing bolts, stuck snapped kingpins.

From the first time you saw Marty McFly ’til the day you die.
Being ignored by the trend setters and ignoring the trends.”

0%’ers, these are your colours, this is for you! You’ve earned your rockers, now display them with pride.


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