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Image of Confusion Magazine - Issue #12 - Back issue

Confusion Magazine - Issue #12 - Back issue


Confusion Magazine limited edition back issues.
Price differences are due to availability.
The less copies of each issue, the more it costs.
The issues that cost more than €10 we have less than 10 copies.

DIY Skate spot check outs:

NOR CAL DIY Spot Guide (Canada)
Mister Wilson DIY (Germany)
Alm DIY (Austria)
Spoff DIY (Austria)
RCS DIY (Sweden)
Cherry Bowl (Switzerland)

Skate features / interviews include:

Chris Russell (USA)
Diego Doural (Basque)
Zach Cusano (USA)
Henri von Stanislawski (Germany)
The Grim Creepers (Australia)
Mark Munson (England)
Bart Saric (USA)
Tadej Vaukman (Slovenia)

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