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Concussion Magazine's
Featuring Pete the Ox, Alan Peterson, Royce Nelson, Tony Farmer, Sam Hitz, Peter Hewitt, Dan Drehobl, Ryan Wilburn, Scott Bourne, Jimmy the Greek, Patrick Melcher, Alex Horn, Wade Speyer, and full parts from Casey Lindstrom, Jacob Tillman, Sean O'Loughlin, Adam Morgan and Marfa.

""Finally!" I said to myself when I saw the fat envelope from Concussion. I ripped that thing open faster than the monthly tittie mag I get and slapped it in the DVD Player immediately cuz I was excited. Like Concussion says "... if you know anything about Concussion then you already know what to expect", at least that's what I thought! I was expecting an over the top HESH/Satanic slaughtering the would amuse me for the evening. Instead I was sucked into this awesome and relatively balanced movie that wasn't all pentagrams, speedmetal, and killings. In fact it had some downright arsty flair to it.

There is a little bit of a lot of stuff you might not even expect. A little Street, a little Surf, a little Snowboarding. Mind you even those parts are really good. Normally, I figure that's what the FFWD>>> button on my remote is for, I skip it like jumping rope in the 5th grade. But it was not the t.v. crap style you can see every day on cable. Good Stuff.

All that review is for the Damaged video. on the DVD you get double that with there first release on the disc as well as some bonus footage. It's a freakin steal!!!!

Good Stuff I tell ya. Better than Chlorine, not quite as good as Fruit of the Vine. More fun than a pagan sacrifice! "

Review from Skate and Annoy:

"Lots of pool skating from our hessian friends at Concussion. If metal and agro skating are your thing then you can pick this up for $25 postage paid, including stickers. There’s some suspiciously punk sounding tracks in there as well. Pool skating figures heavily, but without the heavy canonizing that has been the trend in movies as of late, just the skating! Also included is the 2001 release Amnesia. All in all that’s a lot of footage on one DVD… In any case, if you like Concussion, it’s a safe bet that you’ll like Damaged. A good value for your money. There’s no gloss here, just pure DIY grit.” - Skate and Annoy

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